Band of Thieves

The Orb of Askabat

Upon returning from Kaiden Crag to Gloomwrought, the haggard band was greeted by a couple of ruffians, who alluded to an offer of employment. The crew eventually made its way to the western side of the Dust Quarter, to a large and run-down two-story residence.

There, the band met with freelance arcanist Tarquen Mafeso, who showed the heroes the Dragon Gate, said to be unlocked by the Orb of Askabat.


The heroes learned that the Orb had been stolen from the Westmoreland Mage Guild by the Howling Skulls mercenary band. Tarquen told the heroes that the Howling Skulls had recently been seen near Zelbross, a town a few days ride inland of Gloomwrought.

Our heroes elected to take the northern route to Zelbross, through a woodland and then over a small mountain range. While in the woods, Malvuelles and his companion got their stolen horses caught in a thicket of bramblebush, provoking a roaming band of forest-dwelling beasts. The heroes managed to defeat the beasts, but now two members of the party have been stricken with a mysterious malady, and the disciple of Loki has still not shaken his lethargy

European forests



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